Wallflower General Dr Timothy Ehn: Exploring the Common Symptoms of Neck Pain

Dr Timothy Ehn: Exploring the Common Symptoms of Neck Pain

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Neck pain, an increasingly common health complaint, presents with various symptoms. Understanding these symptoms will allow us to grasp the potentially complex nature of neck pain, leading to better recognition and holistic treatment. Dr Timothy Ehn will discuss several common symptoms that signify neck pain and its underlying conditions.

Pain And Discomfort

The most apparent symptom of neck-related problems is the pain itself. This can vary from mild discomfort to severe, disabling pain. It’s possible to feel it in one spot, like the base of the skull, or over a larger area, encompassing the shoulders and upper back.

Stiffness Or Reduced Flexibility

A common symptom that accompanies neck pain is a reduced range of motion or stiffness. Basic movements like turning your head to one side or looking up and down might become difficult and painful.

Radiating Pain

Dr Timothy Ehn Many individuals with neck pain report experiencing radiating or shooting pain. This typically starts from the neck and travels into other parts of the body, such as the shoulder, arms, or fingers. This symptom may be a sign of nerve compression in the neck, such as from a herniated disc.

Muscle Tightness And Spasms

The muscles in the neck might become tense and tight in response to pain, leading to uncomfortable spasms. These spasms can restrict movement and cause additional pain or discomfort.

Numbness or Tingling Sensation

In some scenarios, numbness or a tingling sensation (“pins and needles”) can accompany neck pain. This feeling usually extends from the neck to the arms or hands. Similarly, to radiating pain, numbness or tingling may suggest a compressed nerve in the neck.


Dr Timothy Ehn Headaches are a surprising, common symptom associated with neck pain, specifically tension-type or cervicogenic headaches. These headaches are believed to result from muscle tension in the neck or issues with the cervical spine or nerves.

Other Associated Symptoms

While less common, other symptoms may include fatigue, trouble sleeping, and difficulties with balance or coordination. It’s also possible to experience a more encompassing sense of discomfort or malaise in combination with neck pain.

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